Sunday, February 26, 2012

DOJ Publishes Summary of Statistics on False Claims Act and Qui Tams

The Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice has published a summary of statistics relating to the False Claims Act and qui tams for the period of 1987-2011.  They are quite interesting, and include the following:

1.  A chart showing the False Claims Act matters broken down between non qui tam and qui tam; the totals for each year for settlements and judgments for qui tam/non qui tam; for qui tams, along with a break down of the total amounts where the government intervened in the qui tam and the total settlements where the government declined to intervene; and the non qui tam total settlements; and a yearly summary of the relator share awards, broken down by whether the government intervened and where it declined.

2.  There are three other charts which break out the False Claims Act/Qui Tams numbers, settlement and judgments, and relator share awards by client agent:  (a) a chart for Health and Human Services showing the numbers relating to health care fraud; (b) a chart for Department of Defense; and (c) "other" relating to False Claims Act/Qui Tams unrelated to Health & Human Services and Department of Defense.

As has been reported elsewhere, 2011 was a good year for False Claims Act cases:  there were over 762 new matters (referrals, investigations, and qui tam actions); total settlements of $3,029 billion, of which almost $2.8 billion related to qui tams.  Relators share awards totaled $532 million.

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